The safest choir in Finland

1§ Law on the founding of the choir

Inspired by Finnish Independence and the established status of the Finnish language, Helsinki Police Male Voice Choir was founded in 1943, during the Continuation War.

2§ Law on the honoring of traditions

The choir shall give high-quality renderings of the songs that its listeners love best and shall promote the valuable traditions of choral singing.

3§ Statute on the ignoring of traditions

The choir shall attempt to surprise its listeners with its originality and spread the word about choral singing to wider audiences.

4§ Law governing the choir´s repertoire

The choir shall perform well-known works of a patriotic nature, melodious serenades, resounding drinking songs and where necessary a sufficient amount of wild rap. The songs should be suitable for utterance by a policeman (or else appropriately unsuitable).

5§ Law on development of the choir

The choir shall constantly aim to improve its musical standards and to encourage new, talented singers to join its ranks.

6§ Law on travel by the choir

The Choir shall travel, perform and exercise a positive influence both at home and abroad.

7§ Law on further information

The choir shall provide more information on its activities through its web pages. The public shall be able to ask about future concerts, the repertoire and opportunities for auditions by contacting the choir.